Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thank You For Visiting!

The 2014 Steelhead season is right around the corner! Now is the time to place your early season orders for the coming fall! I know it took a little time to get the site back up, but I am sure you understand how busy things can get.

Since Steelhead Alley Outfitters has built such an exceptional and talented staff of guides, and we now are networked with the regions most specialized and dedicated fly shops. I am needed to take on the responsibilities and be there to run our operations. This has taken me off the guide duties and allowed me to get back to what I feel is the best way I can contribute to our steelhead anglers, and that is fly tying!!!

With that being said I will still be fishing, hosting, and guiding... But I now have freed up the time needed to tie the flies many of you have asked for. I know the selections and patterns will not appeal to everyone, but it's what I love to tie and what I'm willing to offer! Look for a few more patterns to be listed shortly, and if you need anything, get those orders in soon... 

Senyo's Slim Shady

Rainbow Slim Shady Example

$5.95 each

Available in colors: Rainbow, Midnight, Copper, Silver, Gold, Black, Chartreuse, Pink, and Blue.

Please specify colors and quantity when ordering.

Senyo's Egg Raider

Egg Raider Black Example

$4.95 each

Available in Colors: White, Black, Purple, and Olive.

Specify color and quantity when ordering.

Steelhead Traditional

Steelhead Traditional White/Blue Example

$6.95 each

Available in color combinations: Blue/Purple, White/Blue, Black/Chartreuse, Copper/Orange, and Chartreuse/White.

Specify color and quantity when ordering.

Steelhead Bunny

Steelhead Bunny Chartreuse Example

$4.95 each

Available in colors: Blue, Chartreuse, Pink, Orange, and Purple.

Please specify color and quantity when ordering.

Steelhead Assortments

If you are interested in a complete swung fly assortment, I will hand tie you a beautiful selection of 24 flies for $100.00! This is a deal almost anywhere... Fly box is photo are purchased seperately.

All flies sold on this site are hand tied on premium hooks with the highest grade materials from Hare Line Dubbin Inc., Flymen Fishing Company, Eumer, Owner, and Diiachi!